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Register: CFTerms


Vocabulary of terms used in the CF conventions for netCDF files.

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category sci tools
submitted bymarqH
accepted on 4 May 2020 14:15:02.672

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category sci tools
contains flag masks | leap month | leap year | grid mapping | instance dimension | actual range | calendar | climatology | flag meanings | compress | formula terms | positive | standard error multiplier | axis | cf role | source | coordinates | ancillary variables | comment | cell methods | cell measures | featureType | references | standard name | sample dimension | bounds | flag values | institution | missing value | month lengths
description Vocabulary of terms used in the CF conventions for netCDF files.
has member relation contains
label CFTerms
modified 4 May 2020 14:14:55.852
type Container | Register
version info 1
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Name Notation Description Types Status
actual range actual_range The smallest and the largest valid non-missing values occurri... Property experimental
ancillary variables ancillary_variables Identifies a variable that contains closely associated data, ... Property experimental
axis axis Identifies latitude, longitude, vertical, or time axes. Property experimental
bounds bounds Identifies a boundary variable. Property experimental
calendar calendar Calendar used for encoding time axes. Property experimental
cell measures cell_measures Identifies variables that contain cell areas or volumes. Property experimental
cell methods cell_methods Records the method used to derive data that represents cell v... Property experimental
cf role cf_role Identifies the roles of variables that identify features in d... Property experimental
climatology climatology Identifies a climatology variable. Property experimental
comment comment Miscellaneous information about the data or methods used to p... Property experimental
compress compress Records dimensions which have been compressed by gathering. Property experimental
coordinates coordinates Identifies auxiliary coordinate variables, label variables, a... Property experimental
featureType featureType Specifies the type of discrete sampling geometry to which the... Property experimental
flag masks flag_masks Provides a list of bit fields expressing Boolean or enumerate... Property experimental
flag meanings flag_meanings Use in conjunction with **`flag_values`** to provide descrip... Property experimental
flag values flag_values Provides a list of the flag values. Use in conjunction with *... Property experimental
formula terms formula_terms Identifies variables that correspond to the terms in a formul... Property experimental
grid mapping grid_mapping Identifies a variable that defines a grid mapping. Property experimental
instance dimension instance_dimension An attribute which identifies an index variable and names the... Property experimental
institution institution Where the original data was produced. Property experimental
leap month leap_month Specifies which month is lengthened by a day in leap years fo... Property experimental
leap year leap_year Provides an example of a leap year for a user defined calenda... Property experimental
missing value missing_value A value or values used to represent missing or undefined data... Property experimental
month lengths month_lengths Specifies the length of each month in a non-leap year for a u... Property experimental
positive positive Direction of increasing vertical coordinate value. Property experimental
references references References that describe the data or methods used to produce ... Property experimental
sample dimension sample_dimension An attribute which identifies a count variable and names the ... Property experimental
source source Method of production of the original data. Property experimental
standard error multiplier standard_error_multiplier If a data variable with a standard_name modifier of standard_... Property experimental
standard name standard_name A standard name that references a description of a variable's... Property experimental